We're confident you will be completely satisfied with one of our pre-paid funeral plans through your local funeral director. Here our customers tell us what it means to them to have their funeral plans in place:

“Complete satisfaction [with] everything in place.” October 2017

"Peace of mind, one less item for my daughter to deal with." April 2016

"It is good to have peace of mind to know that the person who is left has one less worry when there is a funeral plan in place." April 2015

"Since organising the plan I have felt much more settled and it is quite comforting to know that I am not leaving chaos behind when I demise." April 2015

"I feel so relieved for [lots of] reasons to have everything organised especially to lighten the load on my family at a very difficult time, and of course to have what I wish for. The lady who helped me in the funeral directors was so kind and helpful. I could not have wished for anyone more kind & helpful." April 2015

"My funeral plan will reduce the pressure on my nearest and dearest at a time when pressure is the last thing they will need. Also, it means I get the funeral I want and not one my family think I'd want. With everything now in place, when the end comes, let's hope my family can say goodbye and not have to worry. I would recommend taking out a plan." January 2014

"Having a plan means my wife and my family know my wishes, and the plan will take a lot of bother off their hands when the time comes! The gentleman at the funeral directors was very nice and helpful." August 2013

"Being an independent person and having passed my mid-seventies, I became increasingly aware that I wished to make the effort to plan my own funeral. I felt it was my responsibility and did not want to just leave it for other people to arrange. It has given me great peace of mind and I know it was the right thing for me to do. Also, when the time comes, I hope it will be of benefit to my family." August 2013

"I now have peace of mind knowing that my funeral is paid for and that my wishes will be carried out as regards choice of funeral and music. It will be one less thing for my family to worry about when the time comes - not for some time I hope!" August 2013

"At the age of 88 and living alone, I think it best to have as many things under control as possible. This saves my daughter from worry too." August 2013

“Arranging your funeral in advance can save surviving family members a lot of stress. Now I’ve taken out a plan my son and daughter won’t have to sort anything out or worry about the arrangements when the time comes. Death is part of life so it makes sense to put plans in place and taking out a plan is easy. I know my funeral director and his family – they are ordinary people and very friendly. I think it’s often easier to talk to someone outside the family – the nature of the thing is to think that people will be around forever.” December 2012

“I lost my husband two years ago and don’t have relatives nearby so I wanted to make my funeral arrangements in advance. For me it was important to have all my affairs in order and make my wishes known. It was such a relief to complete my funeral plan and put it out of my mind. It’s not something I think about every day but it does provide peace of mind to have everything in place. My funeral directors were excellent and on all my dealings with them, I could find no fault. It wasn’t an ordeal to make funeral arrangements in advance, in fact, it was handled in an extremely friendly and calm manner. I think most funeral directors tend to be very caring and people-orientated which helps. At the very start of the discussion my funeral director put me at ease and took the time to understand my needs and concerns. The whole process was trouble-free and tailored to my wishes. Many people leave funeral arrangements to their family but my situation is different. Having said that I know a lot of people who end up second guessing funeral wishes so even for people with families I would still recommend pre-planning.” December 2012

“My husband passed away five years ago and I had to make the necessary funeral arrangements and meet everyone’s wishes. He didn’t have a funeral plan but we knew he wanted to be buried under a tree which I was able to arrange. I have a son and daughter and want to make things easy for them when the time comes, and also make financial provision. I particularly wanted to plan the details of my service such as who will speak and which hymns will be included on the day. Many people don’t talk about their funeral wishes, especially in Britain but my priority was to make it easy for my family. I know my funeral director very well and it was very easy to speak to him about my funeral arrangements. I am so pleased it is done.” December 2012

“I took out a funeral plan to reduce the emotional and financial burden on my family at a difficult time. My funeral director recommended it and I would recommend taking out a funeral plan.” December 2012

“I took out a funeral plan to reduce the emotional burden on my family – they know what I want when the time comes.” December 2012

“I took out a funeral plan so my family know my wishes. I chose [this plan] because of the financial security. It gives me peace of mind to know my affairs are in order.” December 2012