Quality backing

Ecclesiastical Planning Services is part of the Ecclesiastical Group; a specialist financial services group which has been protecting people, property and funds since 1887. Transparency, integrity and fairness are our priorities and underpin the decisions we make. Everything we do is in genuine support of the funeral directing firms we work with and their customers.

Flexible marketing support

We understand that no two firms are the same, which is why we offer flexible marketing support to help you grow your business on your own terms. Through our marketing toolkit we make a wealth of tried-and-tested tools available to you. In addition, our in-house campaign planning and design skills are available, to support the implementation of robust and fully-costed marketing and promotional plans.

Security and peace of mind

After the deduction of the management fee, the customer’s payment is locked-in and cannot be used for anything other than the provision of the agreed funeral services. We don’t take a single penny of the funeral pre-payment for our own business costs, such as for marketing or administration – this is covered by our management fee which is both competitive and transparent.

We hold the funds in guaranteed whole of life assurance policies that are specially designed to support funeral pre-payment plans. The money is ring-fenced, which means there will always be sufficient funds to pay every claim.

Outstanding plan pay-outs

Ask us about our plan pay-outs and how we compare.

Regular income

To help cover some of the costs associated with setting up funeral plans, you can choose to receive an introducer’s fee, as part of the overall management fee, for every plan sold. You can use this money in any way you choose. Many firms choose to donate this money to a local charity.

Flexible pricing and payment options

We offer you complete pricing flexibility. You can select your own prices for set plan options and bespoke plans. You may choose not to offer set plans.

Your customers can choose to pay for their funeral plan either by lump sum or monthly instalments over 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years. If your customer stops paying their instalments, the funds paid so far can be held securely as a contribution towards funeral costs at the time of need.

Transfer solutions

If you currently have plans where the funds are held in a trust, we can accept transfers.

Literature and point-of-sale provision

Supporting firms have access to a range of high-quality personalised brochures and display materials. We also offer a range of window display and promotional materials, which can be tailored to incorporate your branding, and bespoke materials to support exhibitions and seminars. For more details, please email marketing@epsfunerals.com.

Excellent service

We pride ourselves on offering market leading customer service. Our friendly and dedicated Client Services team ensures plan applications are processed and claims are paid within five working days to ease your cash flow.