UK seniors share post-pandemic hopes and worries

26 February 2021

Our recent poll has revealed the post-pandemic hopes and worries of the over 50s.

Post-pandemic hopes and worries

The poll, which was issued to 1,000 UK residents aged 50 and above, reveals split views on how life will be post-pandemic. People were asked for their thoughts on what will be different in the future, with 352 people providing responses.

It was interesting to see that there was a fairly even split between people who thought that a cautious approach to life (approximately 27%) including heightened hygiene such as hand-washing and mask-wearing, social distancing and other restrictions will be the new normal, versus people who believe things will return to how they were before Coronavirus (COVID-19) (approximately 20%).

Another group of around 18% hope to see a kinder, more caring, less materialistic society including better work/life balances and a slower pace of life. Some people within this group felt that new working patterns, including home working, could form the basis for a better quality of life in the long term. There were some heart-warming references to helping neighbours, appreciating key workers and cherishing friends and family.

It was also thought-provoking to see split views on travel in the future, with some over 50s believing there will be ongoing travel restrictions and less travel overall (approximately 5%). Others believe there will be more travel (around 2%) as people try to make the most of the things they have missed.

5% of respondents believe people will live life to the full and avoid procrastinating in the future, with another 5% expressing concerns over the ‘death of the high street’ as more people turn to online shopping. A small proportion of respondents, around 1%, hope to see an increased societal awareness of our environment and sustainable ways of living.

Other concerns included the financial impact of the crisis and its influence on poverty levels, with rising unemployment and higher taxes cited as the reasons. One respondent believed NHS availability would be reduced in the coming years as a direct result of the pandemic. Of course, many people are also focused on the COVID-19 vaccination programme, including take-up and effectiveness.

Marketing Manager, Emma Simpson, said: “Similar to Brexit, there seems to be a divide in opinion on what life will entail post-pandemic. Although there is much uncertainty, we are hopeful that in time, restrictions will be fully lifted enabling people to live their lives as they wish to, whilst retaining some of the newfound benefits of a slower pace of life and a fuller appreciation of the role of our key workers. We work with funeral directors across the country and continue to be inspired by their dedicated and loyal service to their local communities throughout the pandemic.”

Source: OnePoll research of 1,000 UK residents aged 50 and above, of which 352 responded to this question, on behalf of Ecclesiastical Planning Services, December 2020.