Grief is powerful and can seem overwhelming, particularly in the early days of the loss of a loved one. It’s normal to experience strong emotions, which may include anger, anxiety, confusion, depression, numbness and disbelief. You may also find you have difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite and other reactions.

However, grief is natural. Many people find that releasing emotions is much better than keeping them in. Mourning a loss is a way to come to terms with it – and, in time, to move on with life.

You may find that the support of others helps at this time. There are many bereavement care and support groups, which some people find both comforting and useful, such as:

Providing support for grieving children

It is estimated that a child is, in some way, involved in over 80% of all funerals in the UK. Following the death of a loved one, people can experience a bewildering array of emotions and feelings and this can be particularly difficult and confusing for children. Helping a child through the trauma of losing a parent, sibling or grandparent is one of the most emotional events a parent can experience.

A helpful handbook called ‘Remember Me Always’ is now available for families caring for bereaved children. It gives parents and carers ideas and suggestions on the following difficult topics:

  • How to break bad news to children
  • Practical ideas for the early days following a death
  • Should children attend funerals?
  • Preparing children for viewing a body
  • Preparing children for attending a funeral
  • Ideas for explaining cremation and burials to children
  • Children’s reactions to death
  • Information on helping children cope with the death of a parent
  • Building the self-esteem of a bereaved child
  • Spirituality and rituals as a source of healing
  • Helping children express grief and much more

Written and illustrated by experts, the handbook has been described as practical, accessible and easy to read. One reader commented: “At a time when families are trying to make sense of the loss they have experienced, this book is a lifeline for parents attempting to meet all the needs of the remaining family” and another said: “I wish I had this booklet to hand when my father died, so I could have helped my daughter more sensitively. It deserves a wide circulation and a prominent position in all bookshops.”

To request a copy of the ‘Remember Me Always’ handbook, please call 0800 055 6503 or email

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