While most of us try not to think too much about our own funeral, or indeed those of our loved ones, the unavoidable truth is that death is very much a fact of life. Making arrangements in advance, both practical and financial, can help to reduce the worry and financial hardship for friends and family when the time comes.

Funeral plans based on local prices, not national averages

One of the questions we are often asked is ‘How much does a funeral cost?’ Currently, our average funeral plan costs £3,6651. However, funeral costs do vary from one area to another. Those who live in and around London for example could pay significantly more for a burial funeral, due to burial plot shortages. In Northern Ireland, where burials are more popular, the cost can be much less2.

Our funeral plans are designed by funeral directors themselves and are therefore based on local prices, not national averages. This, together with the fact that you can tailor your plan to your specific requirements, ensures you won’t pay more than you need to for the services you select.

To get an idea of funeral costs in your local area, please contact a funeral director near you. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, your local funeral director can help to create a funeral plan that meets your needs and budget.

Secure your funeral services in advance

Overall, funeral costs have risen significantly over the last decade2 and further increases are predicted in the coming years. This is one of the reasons why more people are choosing to fix their funeral director’s costs in advance by taking out a pre-paid funeral plan

With our funeral plans, there is also the option to make a contribution to third party costs, such as for the cremation or burial, doctors and ministers or officiant’s fees. 

Not only does this allow you to get on and enjoy life, knowing that your funeral arrangements will be taken care of, it will also be a huge relief for those left behind.

For more information about our pre-paid funeral plans, please call 0800 055 6503.

1. Average cost of our funeral plans in 2017 including management fee.
2. Royal London National Funeral Cost Index, 2020.