In the case of a full interment or the interment of ashes in a grave, you may like to discuss the type of memorial required with your funeral director. There is a very wide choice available, from the simple to the ornate, depending on choice and budget. Your wishes, for example any special materials you would like to be used and any special messages you wish to be engraved, can all be recorded when setting up your funeral plan.

Flowers or donations?

You may wish your friends and relatives to buy flowers for the funeral, or perhaps you would like people to donate what they would have spent to a worthy cause instead. By pre-arranging your funeral, you can make your wishes clear, and specify a charity or group of charities that will benefit.

Music and readings

Again, planning your own funeral gives you the option to select the music and readings that mean the most to you, or that you know will resonate with your loved ones. Do you want to select certain or special versions of music or songs, for example? Do you wish to have music played at the service venue and at the crematorium, and if so, what? Should there be readings, and if so, who should deliver them?

Rings and jewellery

Unless specified otherwise, any sentimental keepsakes, such as wedding rings and other pieces of jewellery, will remain on your person for the burial or cremation. If you would like these personal belongings to be returned to your family, this is something that you can specify when you set up your pre-arranged funeral plan.

For more information about any of our pre-paid funeral plans, please contact our team on 0800 055 6503 or speak to your local funeral director.

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