Today, graveyards are often overcrowded with decaying tombs and crumbling headstones. Many cemeteries are also full, making traditional burials increasingly expensive. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that your loved ones will remain undisturbed once buried in a graveyard or cemetery as many plots have short-term leases and can be reused in the future. For these reasons, more and more people are considering alternatives to traditional burials, such as woodland burials.

Woodland burials take place in dedicated sites where family and friends can visit and enjoy calm, peace and unspoilt nature. While lots of people choose to complement their woodland burial with a 'green' funeral, which can have a lesser impact on the environment, you can choose to have any type of ceremony that you wish.

With a woodland burial, there are usually no burial plots, headstones or monuments, although different sites will have different rules and many allow wooden markers. There is also less risk of the grave being disturbed as most plots have permanent leases. Furthermore, woodland burials tend to be less expensive than traditional burials. 

If you choose to have a woodland burial, you will have the option of full interment, or interment of ashes after cremation. Whichever you decide, both you and your loved ones will benefit from the calm and tranquillity of a woodland burial site. This can usually be arranged in advance with a pre-paid funeral plan through your local funeral director.

For more information about woodland burials, or to discuss a woodland burial as part of a pre-paid funeral plan, please contact your local funeral director today.

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