Choosing a pre-paid funeral plan through your local funeral director not only makes financial sense, but ensures your funeral wishes are known, reducing the pressure on loved ones to ‘get things right’ at what can be an extremely difficult time. 

A pre-paid funeral plan can give you the freedom to get on and enjoy life, with the peace of mind that your funeral arrangements are taken care of. Here is a list of what you and your loved ones stand to gain by taking out a funeral plan with your local funeral director. 

Guaranteed acceptance, regardless of health or age

Your pre-paid funeral plan application will be accepted without the need to complete a medical questionnaire and as long as you are over the age of 18.

Fix your funeral director's costs

Our plans allow you to secure the services of your funeral director as listed in the plan paperwork. As long as your chosen firm carries out your funeral and your requirements don’t change, the cost for these services is covered.

You can also make a contribution towards third party costs, such as for the cremation or burial, medical fees and/or payments to a minister or officiant. Also known as ‘disbursements’, these costs are outside of the funeral director’s control, so cannot be guaranteed. However, by making a contribution towards these costs, you can reduce the financial worry for loved ones when the time comes.

Fully transferable

If you move, we can help you to transfer your plan to an eligible funeral director near your new home. There may be more to pay depending on local prices, but you will be advised of this at the time. Please refer to the Funeral Plan Terms and Conditions for more information.

Pay in full or by instalments

With one of our pre-paid funeral plans, you have the option to pay by lump sum or in manageable monthly instalments over 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 years.

Local expertise and knowledge

When it comes to planning your service, having the help of an experienced funeral director with knowledge of the local area can be invaluable. At the time of the funeral itself, your family will have access to the highest quality care and support, and be sure to receive a sympathetic and compassionate service.

Find a funeral director in your area, or call us on 0800 055 6503 for more information.