There is an abundance of funeral plans and funeral insurance providers in the UK, and not all of them are the same. This can make it difficult to navigate your way through the maze and know which provider or plan is best for you.

There are a few important questions to ask and things to look out for when buying a funeral plan. For example:

  • Does the plan allow you to choose your funeral director? A good funeral plan allows you to make this choice.
  • Does the plan include a contribution to third party costs (known as disbursements), such as doctor’s and minister’s fees? These costs are outside of the funeral director’s control and usually cannot be guaranteed. If the plan does not allow you to make a contribution to third party fees, your loved ones could be left with a considerable balance to pay at the time of your funeral. 
  • Where is your payment held? Is your money secure, and what happens to it if your chosen funeral director goes out of business? 
  • What happens if you move away from the area? Check whether you are able to transfer your plan to a new funeral director.
  • What happens if the person the funeral is intended for dies abroad? In most cases, your travel insurance will cover the cost of repatriation. You should check carefully that you have the appropriate level of cover depending on your travel needs.
  • Can the funeral director arrange a funeral of a different standard from the one you have chosen? Check whether you can tailor your plan to your inividual wishes or make changes at a later date and if there are any charges to do so.
  • Is it possible to cancel the plan if circumstances change? For example, if you’ve arranged for your spouse’s funeral but you later separate. 
  • Are there any cancellation charges? A good plan will allow for cancellation if your circumstances change.
  • What if there are outstanding payments at death? Check if your plan allows you to use the payments you have made as a contribution to your funeral.
  • What freedom do you have to change the details of your funeral plan? The best plans allow you to make alterations if your requirements change.
  • Other things to look out for include transportation of the deceased to the funeral director's premises, advice on the registration of the death, collection of paperwork and collection of charitable donations.

The best providers won’t simply sell you a plan and carry out the service when the time comes. They will also support your loved ones and offer help, advice and a sympathetic and compassionate service at the time when they need it the most.

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It's important to understand the product you are buying and as with any financial product, please read the small print carefully. This will help to ensure you choose a plan which best meets your needs. 

With years of experience and knowledge of your area, your local funeral director can help. Alternatively, please call 0800 055 6503 for more information.